Grow Beyond Boundaries

Experience unparalleled root growth, unmatched stability, and effortless setup. Give your plants the support they deserve and unlock their full potential with our revolutionary net pot.

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Empowering Growth, Rooted in Excellence

Our upgraded net pot features a larger outlet for root expansion, giving your plants the space they need to reach for the sun.

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Close up of cannabis plants in net pot

Reinforced Lip Design

The lip of our net pot is fortified to withstand pressure and prevent plants from slipping or becoming dislodged. This strengthened lip acts as a protective barrier, assuring that your plants remain firmly held in position

Close up of cannabis roots in net pots. Aeroponics

Enahnced Root Development

Our net pot boasts a larger adaptive outlet, providing ample space for your plants' roots to grow and expand freely. The adaptive opening will expand with the plants roots as they grow. With unrestricted root development, your plants will experience improved nutrient absorption, resulting in healthier and more vigorous growth.

Image of a crop of lettuce growing in net pots hydroponics

Seamless Integration

Our net pot is specifically designed to seamlessly fit into various hydroponic grow systems and the larger expanding opening at the base means less time preparing openings for large root balls. Our net pot streamlines the process, ensuring you spend less time on setup and more time enjoying the fruits of your hydroponic endeavors.

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Ditch the Ordinary, Embrace Extraorindary

Our Net Pot

Empower root balls to freely grow through the bottom opening. As your plants flourish, our net pot adapts, allowing the opening to naturally widen, accommodating the growing roots and fostering optimal nutrient uptake.
Close up of cannabis roots coming out of net pot
Close up of greens growing in net pots
Close up of cannabis roots in net pots

Traditional Net Pot

The limiting design of traditional net pots lack the adaptive bottom opening and can lead to root bound or stunted plants. Avoid the extra labour necessary to create these openings on traditional net pots and go with our revolutionary design.
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From MicroGreens to Mighty Greens

Grow beyong boundaries and explore a multitude of applications. From tiny roots to abundant shoots, our net pot delivers.


Unlock the full potential with our net pot, designed to promote root growth and support cannabis plants, from seedling to harvest

Leafy Greens

Experience leafy green goodness as our net pot fosters healthy root development, leading to luscious foliage and nutrient-dense harvests.


Microgreens require precision and attention to detail. Our Net Pot offers the ideal environment for microgreens to thrive.

Herbs & Flowers

Vibrant and flavorsome. The sturdy lip ensures your plants remain upright, displaying their lush foliage or blooms in all thier splendor.

Homegrown Excellence

At HB7 we proudly call Alberta our home, and we invite you to join us in supporting local. By choosing our business, you're not just investing in exceptional products and services – you're actively contributing to the growth and prosperity of our vibrant community.

We prioritize sourcing locally, collaborating with neighboring businesses, and fostering a strong sense of community. With your support, we can continue to create meaningful opportunities, build lasting relationships, and make a positive impact right here in beautiful Alberta.

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